Just a bit more conveniently with Gamas

always with gamas

Always together

For camping, leisure activities
For food storage
For walk with pets
For walk with baby

A variety of convenient features

A number of convenient functions

Refillable portable case
Hard case with no risk of crease
Strap available


  • Rewind

    Turn the handle of the lid to rewind vinyl into the case to prevent contamination.
  • Refillable
    portable case

    This refillable case can be used continually. You can reduce environmental pollution by using refillable products.
  • Hard case with
    no risk of crease

    This is made in a hard case that does not get creased or ripped for longtime use. Its grip is good with the 3D pattern on the body.
  • Strappable

    Highly portable with strap available at the handle; Less risk of loss